Our little ones

29 Aug

Every morning I wake up with these guys in my bed. They are our constant companions, our endless source of amusement, and our babies.

This is Chicken, our high maintenance pit-bull and American bulldog mix.
My wife rescued him from a shelter in Kentucky.
He will be 7 in November and he enjoys destroying balls, swimming, and cuddles.
He dislikes other dogs, bicycles, skateboards, and most things that make noise.

Meet Dingo, our portable and low maintenance Chihuahua.
We “rescued” Dingo from a distant relative that basically handed him off to me. Rescued is in quotes because Dingo was living with 8 other Chihuahuas (all in good health) and in not immediate danger. He hopped on my lap, curled in a ball and didn’t move. Apparently Dingo was biting and on medication for aggression. They didn’t want him and told me I could just have him. I couldn’t say no and took him.
He’ll be 9 in November and he enjoys small stuffed animals, long walks through the park, and cuddling under covers.
He dislikes waking up early, rain, and dogs barking.

This is our cat Moses, the boss and bully of our household.
My wife rescued Moses from an abandoned house 10 years ago.
He enjoys scaring Dingo and Chicken, chasing Dingo and Chicken, and watching birds from his window.
He dislikes strangers, loud noises and windowless rooms.


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