Labor Day weekend

4 Sep

Our weekend consisted of much of this:

ImageThat there above is my wife, our dogs, and our cat. It is very likely there is an episode of Breaking Bad playing on the television.

We did get out and about to Mount Misery here in Massachusetts… I love the name of the park and I really should look into the meaning behind it because it’s absolutely not miserable.

ImageImageImageImageAfter our very pleasant hike through Mount Misery, we headed to one of the classiest stores in all of Massachusetts.ImageThis is a store called 19 1/2… Sometimes my wife and I like to stop in and see what junk they’re selling. I have no idea if this advertising is true but it is odd… Very odd… They sell everything from expired dog treats to $600 Persian rugs. JJ found this lovely chair which kind of swallowed her.ImageI swear I was with JJ this labor day weekend but all the pictures of me are on her phone and she’s fast asleep with it right next to her.

We also spent the weekend painting and decorating our house. Before and after photos are coming soon.

Thanks for reading!


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