What a boring weekend…

24 Sep

Life has been uneventful and pretty boring for the last week. JJ and I have been nesting and trying to make our home feel like “our” home. We’re pretty used to doing this since we move so much. A lot of people will ask if we move for her job, the answer is no. Here’s a little summary of the ants perpetually in our pants.

When we lived in Atlanta we started off in a HUGE house in the suburbs. Initially I loved it because I had been suffering from extreme anxiety for about 6 months while in Brooklyn. After about 3 months in the Suburbs, I started to lose my mind. By month 10, we were looking for a place to live in the city. So we moved into a cute apartment in Midtown Atlanta. We loved it, we loved all of our quirky neighbors, our sunroom bedroom, and our animal rescuing gay landlord. But alas, we found a better deal with a deck. Also, said quirky neighbors started to move away… It was sad. So we moved around the block. This was a great 2 bedroom apartment with a deck. It felt like we were living in a tree house and our landlady was as sweet as pie. After discovering a better view the newly vacant apartment next door, we moved up and moved into that one. This worked out for a while but we were itching for more outdoor space. THEN we found it and moved into a tiny house near Little 5 Points in Atlanta. This was my favorite home since we had ample outdoor space, we were in walking distance to absolutely everything and our neighbors were pretty great.
Atlanta definitely had its up side. Cheap rent, there was great hiking and some very delicious places to get vegan food but it just was not for us. I wasn’t used to living in such a religious and republican state. Seeing confederate flags waving around, working with (white) people that said things that (IMHO) were midly racist with no shame, and witnessing a governor be elected that had voted to change the legal language in GA from “rape victim” to “the accuser”, and with there being no hope of gay marriage being legalized, it was all to much for this tree hugging, lesbian, liberal to handle!!! Plus Atlanta was voted the #1 most polluted city in America (back in 2009), which was the year I moved there and it freaked me out. Seeing smog alerts freaked me out. Atlanta just freaked me out. In defense of Atlanta I will say that it is filled with the homos (mostly men) and Sevananda had the best vegan biscuits with gravy. The weather is lovely (providing the air quality is safe!), and the Atlanta beltline will eventually make that city amazing.
So after a few months in the L5P house, we sold everything, drove 900+ miles and moved into a fully furnished house in Providence, RI. Then we moved into a cute, cheap, 3 bedroom apartment a few blocks away. After about a 2 weeks JJ started going insane from long commute to work so we moved again. Now we are living in a teeeeeeny tiny house in the woods. I do love our little cottage but I’m definitely NOT happy about being basically in the suburbs again. I miss Providence, RI every. single. day. That city is the best kept secret in America. I cannot say enough good things about it and the really friendly, wonderful people we met while living there.

I have so many great photos of our old houses, but they’re all on my old dead laptop waiting to be transferred into this new laptop. Here are a few photos that I still have of a couple of the homes we’ve lived in… I’ll update later this week with photos of our current home.



One Response to “What a boring weekend…”

  1. sheridanasmith September 24, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    I can’t imagine living in the south. The politics, not the people, aren’t something I can reconcile with. However, you have lived in some of the nicest places I’ve seen!

    It would be patronizing to say I hope you find a place soon, and I kinda hope you keep traveling and taking pictures…because I’m selfish…and mean…

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