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Our Garden

26 Oct

This past Spring we moved into our tiny cottage. One of the first things we did was plant a garden. This was actually a doomed process as the yield was 2 tiny peppers… Sad but true. These photos are from our optimistic start. We planted organic tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, kale, cabbage, and peppers. Right now it’s a much sadder sight and sadder still since we’ve been informed by our landlord that he will be selling this property so we won’t have the option to renew our lease. $100 garden down the drain… BUT it was beautiful to look at and it was fun to maintain, so for that I’m happy we did it. The entire garden you see (minus the cinder block garden) was buried beneath years brush and rubbish. The last photo is of the steps I exhumed,  you couldn’t even see them. This is actually the second home with hidden outdoor steps I’ve found and dug out…. I replaced the stones on these steps as well- The tops step is finished in this picture and the bottom step is not. The tiny boarder you see was also buried beneath years of brush, rubbish, and neglect.  My favorite part of living in an older home is finding all of the hidden signs of love and care from years before.