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Goodbye 2012

31 Dec

This year has been something, for sure. I’m so grateful that all of our energy moved us from Georgia up to Massachusetts. Moving to MA had been something we were striving for since the beginning of our relationship. The change has been significant, not only physically but emotionally also. The weather, foliage (or as my wife likes to say: foilage, lol ;)), the BEACHES, seeing wildlife on a daily basis, the absence of constant strip malls, the magical beauty of this state can’t be overstated. Our emotional health has had major ups and incredible downs this year. We were absolutely elated when JJ got her transfer. The move to Massachusetts was insane though. We sold most of our possessions and drove 3 days through tornado’s, hail storms, and hillbillies to get to Rhode Island. We moved 2 times while in Rhode Island for under 2 full months but we had fun doing it. RI was amazing and Providence is the best little city I have ever lived in… It’s like Brooklyn without all the hipsters! After our brief stint in RI we moved into the fully accepting and marriage recognizing state of Massachusetts. The experience of being surrounded by mostly democrats and liberal ones at that has been refreshing and uplifting! Moving from NYC to Georgia was shocking, politically. Moving from Georgia to Massachusetts has been eye opening! It is great to live in a state that respects women, values education, and where republicans have act as left-wing as possible in order to have a chance at winning an election.  We do love Massachusetts.
Well…. As soon as we were settled into our new home we started trying to have a baby AGAIN! Trying to have a child is stressful and when it doesn’t work 1, 2, 3 times it puts a serious strain on your relationship. I have no idea why but it is just pure stress. We tried sporadically from June-October. In mid November we found out I was pregnant, finally!!! We were overjoyed to say the least and kind of in shock that it was finally happening…  When we got to the 2 month mark we shared the news with our close friends and family and then…. I miscarried. Literally 5 days after telling everybody I was pregnant. This just sucked. So many crazy thoughts go through your head.. My major thought was “why the hell am I miscarrying, why not Duchess Kate?!?!?!?”. The only good thing that came out of this sad little event was our relationship. This miscarriage brought us closer together and made us really appreciate each other so much. My wife handled all the phone calls, all the questions and she was so strong through the whole thing. I was so grateful to have such a loving and supportive wife to take care of me while I was basically a vegetable for a week. It is kind of crazy but during this time we managed to laugh our asses off in between crying like babies…. It was a very sad but also a very loving time for us and I’m grateful for that part of the experience. After about two weeks of feeling very bad for ourselves we’re almost back to normal. We’re going to try try and try again with my little uterus that could! I think the only thought that has managed to keep me sane through all of this is that I have always wanted to adopt, even more than to physically have children.  If I don’t get pregnant then I know I will still have children.. I’ll just have to wait a lot longer for them. If I do get pregnant I’ll be elated, grateful, and excited for the experience! Regardless I know that in time we’ll have our forever home and we will fill it with children, animals, and love.


Our Garden

26 Oct

This past Spring we moved into our tiny cottage. One of the first things we did was plant a garden. This was actually a doomed process as the yield was 2 tiny peppers… Sad but true. These photos are from our optimistic start. We planted organic tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, kale, cabbage, and peppers. Right now it’s a much sadder sight and sadder still since we’ve been informed by our landlord that he will be selling this property so we won’t have the option to renew our lease. $100 garden down the drain… BUT it was beautiful to look at and it was fun to maintain, so for that I’m happy we did it. The entire garden you see (minus the cinder block garden) was buried beneath years brush and rubbish. The last photo is of the steps I exhumed,  you couldn’t even see them. This is actually the second home with hidden outdoor steps I’ve found and dug out…. I replaced the stones on these steps as well- The tops step is finished in this picture and the bottom step is not. The tiny boarder you see was also buried beneath years of brush, rubbish, and neglect.  My favorite part of living in an older home is finding all of the hidden signs of love and care from years before.


25 Oct

JJ and I went to Salem, Massachusetts last week. Apparently all of the East coast decided to visit as well, the city was packed. The insane amount of people aside, Salem was beautiful.

Apple Picking in New England, a right of passage.

20 Sep

Whenever JJ and I venture somewhere new in Massachusetts we always say the same thing, “Massachusetts, you are beautiful”.
JJ and I are in love… With each other, of course, but also with New England.

In my opinion, one of the rights of passage to become a true New Englander is to go apple picking. Trying to find an organic apple orchard without an animal farm on site, petting zoo, or pony rides, was proving to be impossible! Luckily my wife took over my obsessive internet search and found a beautiful, rural, 70 acre orchard in Groton, Massachusetts by the name of Autumn Hills Orchard. There were no farm animals or pony rides, just apples, plums, pears, and grapes. They are not an “organic” farm but they use IPM and no herbicides. Thumbs up.

Autumn Hills Orchard also produces plums, grapes and pears.

We were shocked by how plentiful the fruit was. Neither of us had any idea apples grew in huge clusters and honestly, I didn’t even know plums grew on large trees!!!! Growing up in NYC you don’t get a lot of exposure to anything natural.

We’re all about starting our own family traditions, and this is definitely now one of them. I am so enthralled, oh New England..

Happy *almost* Fall Everyone!

Labor Day weekend

4 Sep

Our weekend consisted of much of this:

ImageThat there above is my wife, our dogs, and our cat. It is very likely there is an episode of Breaking Bad playing on the television.

We did get out and about to Mount Misery here in Massachusetts… I love the name of the park and I really should look into the meaning behind it because it’s absolutely not miserable.

ImageImageImageImageAfter our very pleasant hike through Mount Misery, we headed to one of the classiest stores in all of Massachusetts.ImageThis is a store called 19 1/2… Sometimes my wife and I like to stop in and see what junk they’re selling. I have no idea if this advertising is true but it is odd… Very odd… They sell everything from expired dog treats to $600 Persian rugs. JJ found this lovely chair which kind of swallowed her.ImageI swear I was with JJ this labor day weekend but all the pictures of me are on her phone and she’s fast asleep with it right next to her.

We also spent the weekend painting and decorating our house. Before and after photos are coming soon.

Thanks for reading!