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The active child & co-sleeping

21 Aug

One obvious benefit of co sleeping that is terribly obvious but I gave little thought to is cuddle time. O is and has always been on the move, rarely still during his waking hours. I always imagined a calm, chill, relaxed and quiet child but I got the opposite- of course! And I love it! He keeps me on my toes and watching him explore and learn new things is amazing.

When it’s nap time we settle into bed together and I nurse him to sleep. That’s when I get my quiet time with him. Usually he’ll stay at my breast, snuggled close, with his legs wrapped tight around me. These are amazing moments. The closeness of my baby to me, his home for 10 months, is pure love. If I had listened to the nay-sayers telling me to get him into a crib asap, these moments wouldn’t exist. Sure my apartment would be cleaner, dinner would be better, and maybe I would have some “me” time. But happiness is in experience and doing what you love. I love my son so much and spending quiet, loving, close time together is the best use of his nap time, for the both of us. I get to read, check e-mails and chill out or nap myself. Without co-sleeping I would rarely have close, quiet time with O, which is quite sad to me. I can’t imagine any benefits deriving from less love and less closeness, especially for a baby that moves about constantly while awake. Of course it isn’t for everybody and there are times when I’m restless or I really have to pee!!!! Those are the things I’ll forget but I’ll never forget his little sleeping face next to me and his tiny little hands reaching out and finding me, right next to him.



Hello from Babyland!

31 Dec

It’s been many months since my last post. Since then my son Oliver Sebastian was born! One day I’ll share his birth story but not today. Today I want to share some products that have been absolutely priceless. They’re exactly what I will buy when invited to a baby shower.





Earth Mama Stretch Oil. This stuff works. I used it every morning from month 2 until I delivered Oliver. I’m awesomely prone to stretch marks so I figured I’d end  up with a bunch no matter what. Well I have none! I really think I owe it to this magical stuff right here. They should use me as a spokesperson because I can’t sing their praises enough. A warning though, it will stain your stuff. It ruined my favorite vintage dress and some other items but it was a small price to pay. All Earth Mama products have no toxins/chemicals (really all natural) and they’re vegan/cruelty free.












oilEarth-Mama-Angel-Baby-Angel-Baby-Bottom-Balm-859220000310These are 2 more products you need if you’re having a baby and they just so happens to be from Earth Mama also. I promise I have no affiliation with them! Okay, so I was gifted Destin at my baby shower. It’s totally not vegan but I kept it just in case Oliver got a bad diaper rash since everybody swears by it (hey, it was freegan). So the day came when he got a wicked diaper rash and I pulled out the Destin. It got rid of the rash after a day of use…. It smelled disgusting and after I put it on him I read the ingredients- cod liver oil. Yuck. It felt weird putting it on him before I read that because I knew it wasn’t  vegan but after that it got tossed in the trash. I don’t know what I was thinking.  So I had some Earth Mama baby Massage oil  & used it when he got a tiny rash on his chubby thighs. The rash disappeared within hours! So I ordered their butt lotion and now those are the only 2 items I use on him & he’s been rash-free ever since. Beats slathering him in chemicals & fish oil (gag).




The Nosefrida is the simplest and smartest invention ever. You put it at baby’s nostril and suck the snot out. There are filters so you don’t eat the snot or anything! Since babies cant sniff or blow boogies out, they just stay in their nose and they sound Rosie Pig. This remedies that. I’m kind of obsessed with it.






Shea Moisture is no joke. This cream quickly helps with cradle cap. Cradle cap is basically dry flaky skin on baby’s head and sometimes on her/his eyebrows. A lot of sites recommend olive oil but I prefer this since it’s less messy. I use it while Oliver is asleep and i scrape the dry skin away with my nail. Easy Peasy. Of course it’s vegan, chemical & cruelty free.







The rock n play is a miracle worker and not for the reasons you may think. If Oliver is fussy after I’ve nursed him, burped him, changed his diaper, entertained him and nothing works- I use this. It makes him poop, fart and/or spit up. It must be the angle or something but it works like a charm. I don’t know what I would do without it. Life Saver. I  have the one pictures because it’s softer and cozier (IMO) than the others, and that’s important in cold New England.





cloth-diapersWe don’t exclusively cloth diaper just yet.  My only excuse is that Oliver is on my person 24/7 which makes soaking, ringing out and then laundering dirty diapers a 2 day task. Shockingly, cloth diapering is easy. Before introducing solids & if you’re breastfeeding, then baby poop doesn’t really smell strong and it’s liquid. It prevents diaper rash too which is why we started doing part time cloth diapering, all that means is that I use cloth diapers until I run out and then sub with disposables. It’s way cheaper than disposables and WAY more environmentally friendly.  I know there is information out there that says they’re not really THAT much better for the Earth but whoever holds that opinion has never dumped 20 disposable diapers in the trash everyday for a month! It’s horrible and I’m making the switch to full time cloth very soon!



So that’s what you need if you’re going to a baby shower or is you’re having a baby! Order them all before baby arrives, trust me.